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Los Angeles based NFT artist creating digital and mixed-media art, Alex Exum's work reflects a distinct style of post-modern futurism.With a strong following online his visionary art is making waves in the digital art world.

'Alex Exum is a culture hacker.'

"Surreal, visionary and always fun. Alex Exum is the artist to watch."

Exum's work explores the relationship between the world we live in and the one we create in our imagination, and engaging, intelligent works that manage to be both colorful and thoughtful.




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In Alex Exum's enchanting new short film, "Dance of the Storm: The Love Saga of Lightning and Thunder" viewers are transported to a magical world where two celestial forces take center stage in a timeless love story that will captivate both children and adults alike.In the land of Celestia, the forces of nature come alive as the breathtaking characters of Lightning and Thunder. Lightning, a fearless and luminous entity, and Thunder, a powerful and resonant force, are fated to be together, yet their love story is unlike any other. Their love creates a beautiful dance in the sky, bringing the heavens to life with their passionate embrace.This modern folklore is infused with warmth, humor, and vivid imagery, as Alex Exum masterfully weaves a fantastical world where love has the power to transform the natural elements.

Based on the Amazon Best seller short story.


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